Our Winning Record

Reform California has an impressive win record in its campaigns against tax hikes and in favor of reform.  Here are some of the recent projects:

               2004 No on Prop J - Hotel Tax Hike

               2006 Yes on Prop B - Pension Reform

               2006 Yes on Prop C - Competitive Bidding

               2008 Yes on Prop D - Strong Mayor 

               2010 No on Prop D - San Diego Tax HIke

               2012 Yes on Prop B - San Diego Pension Reform

               2014 Ventura County Pension Reform Initiative 

               2016 No on Measure A - San Diego Tax Hike 

               2017 Recall State Senator Josh Newman 

               2018 Stop the Car and Gas Tax - Underway Now!


Reform California is a 527 political action committee formed and funded by citizens that serves as a watchdog on how state and local government spends our tax dollars.  We fight unnecessary tax hikes and we instead propose efficiency reforms to fix problems.

Our mission is to fight wasteful spending in state and local government - and ensure that savings are put back into the services that Californians need. Reform California accomplishes its mission by sponsoring research projects, analyzing state and local budget decisions, and crafting a variety of reform proposals.  



Fighting Tax Hikes

Reform California leads campaigns in opposition to tax increases at the state and local levels of government. In 2018 we are fighting to stop the car and gas tax hikes in California!

Pension Reform Initiative

Reform California is supporting the effort by former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio and former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed to reform the bloated pensions for state and local government workers.  

Carl DeMaio


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