Public Safety Initiative

California politicians have passed misguided laws that weaken law enforcement's ability to keep our neighborhoods clean and safe.  Reform California is working on an Initiative to restore the rule of law in holding criminals accountable for their behavior and remove them from our communities.


Pension Reform Initiative

Reform California is supporting the effort by former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio and former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed to reform the bloated pensions for state and local government workers.  

Accountability Initiative to Fix Our Roads

The fact is California already has more than enough money to fix our roads.  That's why Reform California is drafting a ballot measure that would fix California's roads by imposing stringent accountability on our existing gas tax and car tax funds. 



Reform California is leading the Yes on Prop 6 - the Gas and Car Tax Repeal Initiative. Visit our dedicated website for that campaign at 

Reform California is a 527 political action committee formed and funded by taxpayers who are fed up with the politicians and special interests in Sacramento that have imposed higher taxes, fees and mandates on Californians - resulting in a spike in our cost-of-living.

Founded in 2003, Reform California has a track record of success in defeating tax hikes on the ballot and qualifying and passing reform measures to hold government accountable.


Our Winning Record

Reform California has an impressive win record in its campaigns against tax hikes and in favor of reform.  Here are some of the recent projects:

               2004 No on Prop J - Hotel Tax Hike

               2006 Yes on Prop B - Pension Reform

               2006 Yes on Prop C - Competitive Bidding

               2008 Yes on Prop D - Strong Mayor 

               2010 No on Prop D - San Diego Tax HIke

               2012 Yes on Prop B - San Diego Pension Reform

               2014 Ventura County Pension Reform Initiative 

               2016 No on Measure A - San Diego Tax Hike 

               2017 Recall State Senator Josh Newman 

               2018 Stop the Car and Gas Tax - Underway Now!

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