​Reform California is Leading the Yes on Prop 6 - Gas and Car Tax Repeal Initiative Campaign

Visit the campaign website at www.GasTaxRepeal.org 

The statewide Yes on Prop 6 campaign to repeal the car and gas tax hikes is now officially underway - and we need your help!  Our Initiative will appear on this November's ballot for a public vote and it amends the state Constitution to reverse the costly gas and car tax hikes and strip state politicians of the power to raise car and gas taxes in the future without a vote of the people. 

"Sacramento politicians really crossed the line with these massive car and gas tax hikes and we intend to give taxpayers the chance to reverse that decision with this initiative," said Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California.  

The campaign to pass the Gas Tax Repeal Initiative is being powered by thousands of individuals across the state who are contributing an average of $37 each time and are volunteering to get the word out to their friends and family. 

Costs Too Much: The typical family of four will end up paying $779.23 more in car and gas taxes per year if the tax hike remains in effect.  

Won't Fix Roads: The car and gas taxes go into the General Fund and there is no guarantee on where the politicians will spend all that money.  In fact, an analysis released by State Senator John Moorlach found that only 20% of the gas tax monies were spent on roads. 

Where does the money go? Pensions and salaries for government bureaucrats, acquiring park land, recruiting lifeguards, climate change initiatives, transit, High Speed Rail, bike lanes, and "road diets" where they remove lanes for cars and instead create bike lanes.  In fact, the gas tax legislation expressly prohibits adding any regular lanes on highways and freeways for cars!

"Working families are getting hosed at the pump with the gas tax hike and they know it won't fix our roads as Sacramento politicians always end up diverting the funds to other uses," DeMaio noted.  

"Once we win with this Gas Tax Repeal Initiative, 2018 will be remembered as the year we had another taxpayer revolt in California - where the outrageous car and gas taxes were reversed by voters and the politicians that enacted those tax hikes are punished at the ballot box," DeMaio concluded. 

Help us engage your friends, co-workers and family by asking them to sign the pledge to vote YES on Prop 6 to repeal the car and gas tax hikes this November.  Have them sign up at www.StopTheCarTax.org